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©2019 by Paula Whitlock, Picture This Toronto

About the Artist

I grew up in farm country just north of Toronto and now reside in the Upper Beaches in Toronto's east end.


I have been framing pictures in my mind for as long as I can remember. Adding a camera was a natural progression. I started early with film and limited funds, which trained my eye to carefully compose an image before taking the picture. Digital photography allows for images to be shot and disposed of at will, but you don't. There is still economy in the number of images captured. For me, it is always "go for the best and edit less." 

My subject matter comes down to three essentials - beauty, simplicity, and history. 

The craftsmanship of historic objects and architecture, rarely to be repeated; colour and form that can only come from nature; the beauty of light.

Every photograph on this site was taken by me.