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About the Artist

I grew up in farm country just north of Toronto and resided in the Upper Beach in Toronto's east end for more than 30 years.  Now I am a recent and happy resident of the City of Stratford in beautiful southwestern Ontario. 


Within my new page, HEART OF THE COUNTRY, is a mixed bag of images ranging from broken down barns to vintage vehicles to ever-entertaining farm animals.  The open roads are here and I'm on them almost daily.


There is nothing like hopping into your car and just driving - your cameras beside you fully-charged and ready for anything and everything you come across.   There is the expected - the CN Tower is still towering and Niagara Falls is still falling - but now there's a brilliant sunset throwing the tower into silhouette and the Maid of the Mist is heading to the base of the Falls under a rainbow. 


I take at least one camera everywhere I go,  

I've seen more amazing sunsets and cloud formations from a parking lot than almost anywhere.    And I get sidetracked, a lot.  On the way home I inevitably end up in a park or by the lake or in some industrial park snapping photos of concrete silos.


Lastly, I feel an intense need to photograph things that won't last - everything from Honest Ed's and The El Mocambo to the old, weary trees in High Park and the landmarks that stand precariously in an ever-changing city.




Beyond the joy of taking photos - and sharing photos - the extensive library of images I now have have become references for my original paintings. 

(see ART)


Every photograph on this site was taken by me.

Every painting on this site was painted by me.  

I hope you enjoy them.



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